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1 day 21 hours ago | KITV - News
Officers will be setting up DUI checkpoints across O'ahu.
1 day 21 hours ago | KITV - News
Actor Jason Momoa recently shaved his beard for the first time since 2012 in order to raise awareness to switching to recyclable aluminum. 
1 day 21 hours ago | KITV - News
Officers recovered almost 430 grams of crystal methamphetamine, a gram of marijuana, and more than $7,800 in cash.
1 day 22 hours ago | KITV - News
According to a statement from the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hibiscadelphus woodii was discovered on a vertical cliff face.
2 days 6 hours ago | KITV - News
Shannon Ke, the man charged with first-degree attempted murder after allegedly assaulting a police officer pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday.  
2 days 7 hours ago | KITV - News
A bill regulating so-called monster homes on O'ahu is now in the hands of Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.
2 days 8 hours ago | KITV - News
KITV4's Paula Akana and Honolulu Civil Beat's Chad Blair discuss Stewart Yerton's story, "The high price of luring the movies to Hawaii."  
2 days 8 hours ago | KITV - News
The city says it's not responsible for clean up efforts because homes on the road are private property.
2 days 9 hours ago | KITV - News
Would your town be ready if a disaster happened? A group of Central Oahu residents is leading the way to take care of their town. The Mililani Disaster Preparedness Team (MDPT) drafted plans, and is now ready to take it public. 
2 days 12 hours ago | KITV - News
UPDATE 3:31 P.M.Honolulu Police have arrested a twenty-five year old man in the Kalihi area for Kidnapping and Sexual Assault in the Third Degree.
2 days 13 hours ago | KITV - News
When doctors told her chemotherapy had only a small chance of success, Matheson decided to not get the treatment, according to her friend, Julie Carrigan.
2 days 14 hours ago | KITV - News
Specifically, Sanders said her assertion in response to a question about FBI agents supporting Comey wasn’t 'founded on anything,' according to Mueller. 
2 days 15 hours ago | KITV - News
Last Friday, 40-year-old Officer Rashad Riley jumped off the point at Shipwreck's and was swimming back to shore when he apparently became distressed near the rocky area. 
2 days 16 hours ago | KITV - News
Walmart, Amazon and grocery chains like ShopRite hope to tap into a lucrative new market: Food stamp recipients who want to shop for groceries online. 
2 days 17 hours ago | KITV - News
Some places around the globe have started packaging goods using banana leaves to wrap products an effort to cut down on plastics.
2 days 19 hours ago | KITV - News
Tuaefe was arrested for offenses including unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, fraud use of a license plate, possession of a dangerous drug, drug paraphernalia, harassment, and three counts of abuse of a family or household member.
2 days 20 hours ago | KITV - News
Hawaii lawmakers are considering a resolution calling for the creation of legal protections for Native Hawaiian cultural intellectual property.
2 days 22 hours ago | KITV - News
HONOLULU - Only one lane is allowing eastbound traffic through the H1 FWY. A vehicle fire after Vineyard off-ramp, before Liliha overpass has police, the fire department and FSP on scene. Alternates include Dillingham, N King ST or take Vineyard off...
2 days 23 hours ago | KITV - News
PALOLO -Mauka lane is closed from the 2300 block to Kuahea St. in Palolo on Waiomao RD, contraflow in the makai lane. There are rock and dirt debris on the roadway. A road crew is on scene, pending removal of roadway debris. Drive with caution in...
2 days 23 hours ago | KITV - News
WAIKIKI - A 27-year-old man and woman are in serious condition after a car crash in Waikiki. The accident happened near Ala Wai Boulevard and Kaiulani Avenue around 2:15AM. Emergency medical services say, a sedan was traveling on Ala Wai BLVD when...



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