Board of Water Supply seeks public feedback on long-term plan

Sunday, July 17, 2016 - 10:35
Web Staff

The Board of Water Supply (BWS) has completed a draft of its long-term Water Master Plan, a comprehensive program that evaluates the entire water system, identifies necessary improvements over the long-term, and balances needs and costs to provide Oahu residents with safe, dependable, and affordable water.

Elements include:

  • Assessing existing condition of pipes, pumps, reservoirs, wells, treatment plants, and other facilities.
  • Comparing projections of future needs with existing water supplies and infrastructure.
  • Identifying needs for increasing existing supplies and improvements to existing facilities.

“The Master Plan is important for the people of Oahu, providing the framework for sustaining our ability to serve precious water that’s safe and sufficient for our communities’ growing population. We want to ensure the community has a chance to review and comment on what the plan has found and what it recommends. All BWS water users on Oahu, whether or not they pay a water bill, are encouraged to learn about the draft Water Master Plan and share their thoughts on it with us,” said BWS Manager and Chief Engineer Ernest Lau. “This will be an important road map for the BWS to sustain our water works for the next generation, so we really want feedback from our customers.”

You can learn more about the plan online here, and hard copies will be available at the Public Service Building office at 630 S. Beretania Street and eventually at 24 Oahu state libraries.

The BWS is sending letters to customers to notify them about the availability of these documents and is also offering informational presentations about the plan to interested community groups and organizations. Call 748-5347 or email to make arrangements.

Because of the long-term impact of the plan, the BWS is providing a 60-day public comment period. Only written comments on the plan will be accepted through Sept. 12 via:

Comments will be collected, reviewed and considered prior to the plan’s anticipated adoption by the BWS’s Board of Directors at its regular meeting on Oct. 24.

Next steps will include prioritizing improvements over a 30-year period, analyzing funding options to pay for improvements, including rates, and developing a comprehensive plan to implement these changes.


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